Did you know ?

Belgium is best known for its excellent chips and delicious chocolate – but that’s not all ! We Belgians also have the smallest ponies in the world !

Generally, small ponies should not measure more than 110 cm. The stud farm owned by the Duez family specialises in miniature ponies with an average height of 69 cm. The smallest ponies are 60 - 64 cm in height (measured by an official jury). We invite you to discover the very special world of these four-legged friends and their incredible personalities.

Enjoy !

A miniature pony from our stud farm.


Smaller and more fun than large dogs, these wonderful ponies love mowing your lawn, being walked on a lead, going for a drive in a convertible, relaxing by the pool, having lunch on the patio, helping you choose what to wear and rummaging in your fridge!
But what they enjoy more than anything else is being cuddled, stroked and human affection !

Please note that these ponies do not bite or kick. The opposite is the case, as they are totally harmless and highly affectionate !

Our record breakers


When he was born, Hapache measured 33 cm and was hardly taller than a handbag! This little ball of fluff became our favourite pony of the year. Hapache is now fully grown and still measures only 58 cm.
He is our future official record breaker.
Very at ease in the home, he is not too shy to come and go in search of food ! Used to walking around town or having lunch next to the patio, Hapache has rapidly become the village mascot !

Hapache du Mury-Marais - a future world record breaker


Fantaisie was our surprise baby in 2011 ! What did we find in the meadow ? A tiny filly measuring 36 cm! Fantaisie immediately got used to being fed with a bottle, while being held like a baby.
She even had the privilege of being kept in Catherine DeBuyl’s 5* stable, with jumping ponies measuring 1m80. Our little darling was pampered by all the grooms.
Officially measured at 62 cm, Fantaisie is the world’s smallest mare.

Fantaisie, officiellement la plus petite jument du monde !


Our very first "ultra mini" pony, 6 years ago. We were speechless in the presence of this little foal that had just been born and measured only 37 centimetres ... It was like a dream! This foal just had to be called Dream, as he was so small, elegant and very sweet ...
For several years now, he has measured 64 cm, which officially makes him the world’s smallest stallion.
We are pinning all our hopes on Dream siring equally small and maybe – why not – even smaller ponies ! Dream, you are a dream come true!

Dream – the smallest stallion in the world.


Little Darling was born a few days after Dream. This mare is so gentle, cuddly and will follow you around like a little dog. Darling has a habit of lying on her back so that you can scratch her tummy and is one of the most charming mares at the stud farm.
She is well mannered and only eats when you give her permission. This little lady gives you her hoof if you ask her and has quickly learned good manners !
(Learning time: 1 month).
With a mane that reaches down to her knees and her shiny coat, our Darling is a real princess.

Darling du Mury-Marais – a very charming mare from our stud farm.

Tiny Cirrus

Tiny is one of the world’s smallest stallions and originally came from America. Apart from his exceptional size of 63cm and perfect conformation, this tiny tot also has an amazing personality.
Our little Tiny doesn’t need any carrots – he follows us around everywhere at the weekend, when we take a stroll around our farm with the children and dog.

One of the world’s five smallest stallions.


Eros is our second future breeder. He measured 40 cm when he was born and came from America. It goes without saying that Eros will also be one of the smallest donkey stallions in the world. He has not yet been officially measured, as he is only one year old. This little gentleman thief, who also manages to steal nic-nacs from my pocket, is passionately in love with Emy and the two of them are inseparable...

Eros is a breeding stallion from America.


Emy is the little girlfriend of Eros. She is a little long-haired ball, with the physique of a top model. However, she really charms our visitors!
As you can see, Emy is our little cuddly toy...

Emy - a superb, affectionate mare.


Our little Emeraude, who also comes from an excellent stud farm in America, is the crowning glory of our little herd of micro-minis.

Emeraude falls into the micro-mini category.


After 3 years, our little Tiny Cirrus has become the father of a little miniature pony called Félicita.
She is exceptionally beautiful, which makes every moment spent with her something magical !

Felicita, daughter of Tiny Cirrus, is a very small mare.

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